Check your MCMMO stats:
/mcstats  or  /stats

Check more info on a specific stat:

Gain MCMMO by doing the action, example go fishing to get fish MCMMO points.
You can also gain MCMMO credits by voting, vote parties, /reward and at /warp crates

MCMMO Party commands:
/party - Check party information.
/party create <party-name> <password>  - Create a party
/party join <player> <password>  - Join a players party
/party invite <player>  - Invite a player to join your party
/party accept <player>  - Accept a party invite
/party password <password>  - Set a password for the party you currently own
/party kick <player-name>  - Kick a player from the party
/party owner <player-name>  - Set a player as the party owner
/party expshare [none/equal]  - Set the party share mode
/party lock  - Lock the party
/party unlock  - Unlock the party
/party q  - Quit the party you're currently in
/party ?  - More information about parties
/pc (message) - Party chat

To unlock party features, level up your party by gaining MCMMO

Redeem credits:

Send credits to a player:
/credits send <playername> <amount>
(note: this is a donate perk, rank baron or higher)