AgesofMC Changes
-TP trapping has been added to the rules for TownyAge.
-Company name has been changed from "Fine Art Trading" to "Ages of Gaming". You will see that change on any new transactions.
-Since we are now a new company, the terms of service has been complete redone.
-Staff handling and protocols have been redone.
*Most of these changes will not effect your gameplay. This simply means that staff are now changing the way they do things.

The future for TownyAge and FactionAge (Whats coming)

Both servers:
-Massive shop changes

-Better MobArena
-Beheading all mobs and better player beheading
-New /help
-New starter books, and complete bookstore in game
-Job tweaks (currently in progress)
-Rebuild on the mcmmo system (no reset needed)
-Stock market
-NEW warp embassy with special perks
-Closing the casino (RIP)
-Possible enchant changes

-Diamond Elevators
-Stock market
-Pets (if it passes the test)
-Beheading all mobs and better player beheading
-A COMPLETE overhaul of the entire server which will change/add factions, obby destroyer, cannons, and a new enchant system
*We will most likely need to wait until 1.13 to do the overhaul. It would need a server reset.