AgesOfMC Server Rules

1. No advertising
No advertising other addresses at all. Attempt at recruiting players to other servers is enforced fully.

2. Be mature and respectful
No spamming, irritating text, begging, threats, sexual harassment, racism, discrimination, sexism, and other offensive attacks towards players. We also would like the global chat to stay in English at all times. Your private chat, town chat, party chat, and so on, can be whatever language you want. If a topic in global chat is offensive to someone in game they can notify staff and staff will end the topic. 

3. No cheating
This covers cheating, exploiting, fishing pole abuse, glitching, hacking, x-ray, bots, auto fishing, enderman farms, fast place, afk with action, TP trapping (Towny).
*Afk with action is: auto fishing, mcmmo gain, job gain, block place, damage gain, etc.
*TP trapping is against the rules for Towny. TP trapping would be teleporting a player into something that they cannot get out of unless they die.
An example would be using towny to trap them into death.

4. No close claiming 
No creating a town close to another town. We use "/towny map big" as a major factor in deciding if a town is too close to another. The general idea is if you can see them on the map, you are too close. In cases where the edges of a town can be seen by another town we simply ask that they do not expand towards each other. In the event that two towns cannot settle the issue an Admin or higher decides which town gets a request to move.

Important Server Highlights
-Please do not block nether portals.
-No natural guardian or enderman farms.
-Please limit spawners to 2 per chunk, 8 per grinder.
-Please limit hoppers to no more than 25 per chunk. In a cluttered area please try to lower that number.
-Giant redstone builds will not work correctly. Spread them out or cut down the size of the overall build.
*All of this is for server performance. We apologize for this inconvenience.

For our Terms of Service please click here.

Disallowed Client-side Mods

-Any mods that are considered cheating (like x-ray) are not approved. 
-Anything that downloads maps
-The "print" function in Schematica